100% Cotton CODE:TX01
100% Cotton CODE:TX02
100% Cotton CODE:TX03
Handwoven Scarves
Hand Embroided Shawls
Shawls CODE:TX20
Shawls CODE:TX21
Shawls CODE:TX22
Shawls CODE:TX23
Shawls CODE:TX24
Shawls CODE:TX25
Shawls CODE:TX26
Shawls CODE:TX27
Shawls CODE:TX28
Shawls CODE:TX29
Shawls CODE:TX30
Shawls CODE:TX31
Woven on a Loom
Woven on a Loom and Lamb Wool, Chenille and Cotton
Table Runners CODE:TX18
Table Runners CODE:TX19
Chenille CODE:TX32
Cotton CODE:TX33
Wool CODE:TX34
IKAT Handwoven Shawls and Scarves
Ikat shawl CODE:TX04
Ikat shawl CODE:TX05
Ikat shawl CODE:TX06
Ikat shawl CODE:TX07
Ikat shawl CODE:TX08
Ikat shawl CODE:TX09
Ikat shawl CODE:TX10
Ikat shawl CODE:TX11
Ikat shawl CODE:TX12
Ikat shawl CODE:TX13
Ikat shawl CODE:TX14
Ikat shawl CODE:TX15
Ikat shawl CODE:TX16
Ikat shawl CODE:TX17